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Edusolve Edutech is dedicated to empowering learners of all ages through innovative educational solutions that foster lifelong growth and success.


Our vision at Edusolve Edutech is to be the leading provider of cutting-edge educational technology that transforms the way people learn and achieve their full potential.


Scholarships are provided to the meritorious students and as per norms laid down by the Academy.


We are offering various courses by the institute can be found in the courses section.

Edusolve Edutech is a dynamic educational technology company that is committed to revolutionizing the way people learn. We offer innovative solutions that help learners to succeed and thrive, using the latest technology and the most effective teaching methods. Our goal is to empower learners to achieve their full potential and to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

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Success Story

At Edusolve Edutech, we are proud to have helped countless learners achieve their goals and reach their full potential. One of our success stories is the story of Sarah, a struggling high school student who used our online learning platform to improve her grades and gain confidence in her academic abilities. With our innovative technology and personalized approach, Sarah was able to turn her academic performance around and go on to pursue her dreams of attending college and pursuing a successful career.

Our Student's Testimonials

Edusolve is an admission consultancy that specializes in helping students gain admission. They provide expert guidance on everything from selecting the right program.

Kuheli Howli GNM Nursing

The company provides a range of services to help students navigate the complex admissions process and increase their chances of being accepted into their desired program.

Hasiul Rahman B. Optometry

Their personalized approach and experienced team of consultants make them a valuable resource for students seeking to gain admission.

Pradipta Banerjee BSc. Nursing

Edusolve is a personalized admission consultancy that specializes in helping students gain admission to nursing and pharmacy programs. Their experienced team provides tailored advice and support to increase students' chances of being accepted.

Banashree Bhoj GNM Nursing

Overall, Edusolve is a reputable and effective admission consultancy that offers valuable services for students seeking admission to GNM Nursing, Bsc. Nursing, B Pharm, and D. Pharm programs.

Mehedi Hasan D. Pharmacy